Caramelle Rossella

The Story

Everything started in 1897 when the founder Santo Rossello discovered in ancient confectionery books a fondant recipe. He started the production of fine candies, that are currently made with the same identical recipe.

He founded a little factory in the little village of Ellera (near Savona) but after first step in local market, he decided to move headquarter to the bigger and richest Genoa. In few years business grown and the products cross the border of region, forerun by reputation of goodness. It was throughout the rise of new century.

Generation after generation the little factory continued grow and the founder ceded the activity to his nephew. Who, after many many years, come to retirement age without successors and sold trademarks and recipes to avoid his legacy gone lost.

CARAMELLE ROSSELLA (Rossella Candies) is right now the most qualified manufacturer in Italy in fondant production, indeed as unpackaged candies it can offer more than ten different flavors.

Handcrafted candies according to tradition